Fishing Marlin

Maui Marlin Fishing

Pacific Blue Marlin

The most prized catch for any avid angler in Maui is the Pacific Blue Marlin. The biggest of the marlin species, Pacific Blue marlin average between 80 and 300 pounds, although catches of 1000+ pounds have been recorded in Hawaii’s waters. In fact, the record blue marlin catch, an 1805 pound monster was caught in Hawaii. The summer months are considered to be the best time to target Pacific blue marlin in Maui, although huge marlin catches have been recorded throughout the year. Pacific blue marlin are big, fast and very acrobatic making them one of the most exciting big game fish targets in the world.

Blue marlin are hunters, generally targeting tuna and other pelagic fish. They are not a schooling fish, making them difficult to locate at times. The best method of targeting blue marlin is trolling with natural bait-tuna, ballyhoo, bonito, mackerel, or artificial lures. Blue marlin are legendary fighters with many battles lasting upwards of 3 hours. They are spectacular leapers and are also known to dive hard and fast. Hooking a trophy blue marlin promises an epic battle that will not soon be forgotten.

Striped Marlin

Striped Marlin are smaller than the Pacific blue marlin, generally ranging in size from 25 to 125 pounds. But what bluemarlin2they lack in size, they make up for in attitude and excitement. Striped marlin are a schooling fish so multiple hookups are common. In fact, when a school of striped marlin is located, it is not unusual for every lure to get hit at the same time. Striped marlin are fast and acrobatic. They are known for their leaping ability, and are just a really fun fish to target. The best way to target striped marlin in Maui is trolling with live or dead bait or artificial lures. Landing on a school of striped marlin while charter fishing in Maui is sure to provide plenty of unforgettable rod-bending action!

Pacific Short-nosed Spearfish

boymarlinThis small (20-60 pound), aggressive marlin is rare throughout the world, but are most commonly caught off Maui and Hawaii. Named for its relatively short bill, Pacific Short-nosed Spearfish are fast and exciting fighters and its considered a real treat to hook one of these uncommon billfish. Spearfish generally attack artificial lures and promise a spirited battle. Because of their rarity, Pacific Short-nosed Spearfish are not targeted specifically, but are generally caught while targeting other pelagic fish.

Maui is famous for its legendary marlin fishing. Giant marlin are caught in Maui’s waters throughout the year. Book a Maui charter fishing trip with Aerial Sportfishing Charters for a chance to grab the catch of a lifetime!